Run and taught by Eni Oken, CZT

Explore and learn art concepts you can apply to Zentangle or any other type of intuitive artwork

We study principles that take your Art a step further: you won't believe you could do this

With every lesson, you'll learn something that you can apply no matter your current skill level

So what do you actually get with Eni's Art Club?

Live Zoom sessions every Thursday at 10am Pacific

We alternate between:

1) Project Lessons. We develop a full project. Classes last about 2 hours. Most projects span 2 sessions (two consecutive Thursdays).

2) Tangle Play. We explore individual tangles, enhancers and enrich our step-out tangle catalog. Sessions last approximately 1 hour.

NEW! 3) Zentangle Match-Making. This is a unique form of class found nowhere else online. Learn how to really choose and combine tangles, and also explore Classic black and white Zentangle composition. Sessions last approximately 2 hours.

All sessions are recorded for your convenience.


We alternate full project classes, Zentangle Match-Making (choosing, combining tangles and composition) and Tangle-Play sessions. All classes are live on zoom and recorded for your convenience so you don't have to worry about missing a thing. Many project classes are advanced and divided into two consecutive weeks.

You also get supplemental PDF bonuses, case studies and recipe cards.

Does this mean you get every older lesson I’ve ever created? No, not really

The Art Club works like a magazine subscription, you get everything MOVING FORWARD. New content is added every month.

However if you are an artist that prefers to select your own projects, then maybe the Art Club is not for you. It would be better to visit the SHOP and select classes individually.

If you love a challenge plus a vibrant and engaged community, then read on!

So much content

Here's a list of what Clubbers got recently

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New content, classes and bonuses added every month

You also get:


Art Club includes all materials moves forward, but if you want to get older lessons to complete your collection from the Shop, you also get hefty 30% coupons made exclusively for Clubbers. That’s part of your Bonus materials!


That's right! When you sign up for Art Club, you LOCK IN that price point for life while you remain an active paying member. That helps you to plan for the future and budget in the valuable gift of creativity.


At the heart of Art Club is the community of “Clubbers”: like-minded artists who want to grow their skills. We share share their posts, questions, comments about lessons in a caring online group, often described as a “safe haven” in social media. We also bond through live online sessions where we develop strong friendships.


Growth can only happen when you are able to identify what can be improved through detailed feedback. I comment and help each and every Clubber through my unique style of Caring Critique. This ongoing feedback is practiced by all Clubbers in our private discussion group (not FB) or privately through email (if you feel a little shy) AND also after Tangle Play sessions live on Zoom. Feedback can nurture you to become a better artist while gradually improving your skills.

What is Art Club's Goal?

We get together as Zentangle® and meditative artists to help each other to learn, explore and to grow artistically.

Live sessions & video recordings plus TONS of bonuses!

Become a better artist and create art you enjoy

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About your Instructor: Eni Oken

Hi there! I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for over 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print, on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and for the past decade, the Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art so we can all grow artistically.

CZT® since April 2016

Contact Eni • See Eni Oken's Art

I'm constantly evaluating and listening to Clubbers

Aside from individual feedback through our online group, I am constantly listening and observing students to identify where they need help the most. New lessons are many times tailored to help improve a weak area that I've identified amongst the Clubbers. I WANT Clubbers to grow in their artistic skills! New lessons provide a healthy mix of art theory and Zentangle practice, some more challenging than others. No matter the level, you are SURE to learn new and useful skills through dedicated and constant individual feedback.

Artistic growth is gradual... This is not a race.

Each lesson is independent from the other, completely self contained. You'll be showered with different projects, techniques and ideas. And even if you are not ready to absorb all this information, it's important to be exposed to high level concepts that can show you the possibilities! I constantly tell students: LEARN ONE THING AT A TIME. This is not a race, each person is on their own journey.

This is what people said about Eni's Art Club

"I have really loved having a year studying with you. It has been very exciting to see what I can create one stroke at a time. Every where I go I am seeing tangles and studying how to deconstruct them is great fun. Your teaching style really resonates with me so I have learned so much from you. Your freely shared tips and how-tos are such gifts, exactly what I was needing for my own art progress. I have begun to do my own art again and am so excited to see the results from my year with you. I thank you every day for how you’ve stimulated me to grow and expand and freely explore a whole new world of art."

-Nadananda Hamilton via email

Dearest Eni! I just wanted to give you my heartfelt appreciation and say thank you for your kindness and willingness to go above and beyond. I was amazed to learn that there is so much more included with membership than just weekly lessons…which are phenomenal by themselves! It is obvious the time and energy you put into each lesson and what is available to your clubbers!!! For me it is a place I come weekly and gather with a wonderful teacher and talented group to become a better artist, Thank you so much! ❤️🙏🏼🌹

-Linda Shakir via Teachable

Clubber since April 2021

"From my few months with the Art Club, I can see all the basics that I was lacking in my prior artwork and how much I have learned just to be able to see what I was doing 'wrong' before (yes, I know there are no mistakes, but there are definitely paths / areas for improvement 😂). Not that my work has improved leaps and bounds in the couple months that I have been in the Club, but I know that I am learning the skills necessary to improve and the confidence in myself to keep trying even if the first try doesn't always come out the way I expected it to. A BIG thank you to Eni Oken and all the Clubbers for your feedback, encouragement and knowledge that each of you bring to the Club. You are definitely my inspiration!"

-Daphne Stetser

Clubber since April 2022

"I haven't been with Art Club long, though I've taken a lot of Eni's courses individually for a couple of years now, but being part of the club, learning the techniques, and observing the caring critiques, I feel like a real artist. I learn a lot from the other club members, and I appreciate the comments. I am learning so much. It's definitely an inspiring place to be!"

-Jenni Legate via Circle

Clubber since May 2022

Thank you for this beautiful learning space. This is the most organized, comprehensive place that I’ve found for Zentangle. Very impressive layout. Thank you for putting so much thought, effort and time into sharing your art and skills so that others can improve. Your art is beautiful. It pulled me in and made me want to learn more so I’m looking forward to the learning experiences here. My your day be blessed.

-Beren Riffey via Teachable

Clubber since April 2023

"Dear Eni, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tireless dedication to your students, your good advice and support for each individual on their journey. I am so happy to be able to learn with you and benefit from your incredible wealth of knowledge. When I read about your club, I read the headline "Take your drawing and Zentangle a step further" and was very skeptical. Today I can say I'm stepping forward as I would wear seven league boots."

-Annette Grewe via Circle

Clubber since May 2020

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider having the ability to draw what appears to be so complex and detailed yet Eni’s lessons are broken down and so informative that even I can learn to attempt to create such intricate and beautiful art, I really can’t thank you enough!"

Bhawika Nana via Circle

Clubber since November 2020

"I joined Art Club a few months ago, and I have to say, it has changed the way I approach and view my own art. It has also given me the confidence to try many new techniques and media - many that I would have NEVER dared to try, knowing they were WAY out of my comfort zone. There are SO many lessons that I want to complete, and new ones being added. Other members always have an encouraging word or suggestions, making the platform a safe place to share. Thank you Cyndee (The Tireless Tangler), for leading me to Eni Oken and Art Club! And thank you, Eni, for all that you do!"

Julie Lemel via Teachable

Clubber since June 2021

"I subscribed for Eni's lessons to improve the aesthetics of my work, but what I found was a community that takes Zentangle seriously as art. I am so impressed - and humbled - by the serious life value I see expressed in the engagement of the artists here. Thank you for helping me see my journey in a new light."

Jean M. via Circle

Clubber since April 2020

"I just want to say that when I signed up I wasn't sure fully what to expect. I have admired your work for years, but I wasn't sure if this class could have been you teaching others how to create "your style". That is absolutely not the case. You look for each person's own creative style and coax it out and help refine it. It is absolutely amazing to see in everyone's work. I am so happy to be a part of such an abundant learning experience and I am already seeing a difference in not just my work but my thought processes as I approach different projects and techniques. So Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

Rachel Lane via email

Clubber since May 2021

"I am a Zentangle newbie and never ever considered myself to have any artistic ability at all and could not draw a straight line if my life depended on it. I joined the Art Club and LOVE each lesson!!! The dramatic improvements in creativity and drawing I have made continue to blow my mind! My fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination were poor due to neurological damage suffered from a long term illness and thought to be permanent...nope, am improving now and I am having so much fun!!! THANK YOU Eni Oken for sharing your inspiring talent and lessons _ YOU ROCK!!! "

Victoria F. via email

Clubber since May 2017

“Thanks, Eni Oken, and all the members of art club who have made this a wonderful place to learn. Eni, I am so grateful for your instruction, the variety of material (something for everyone), the lightheartedness and humor you bring to the lessons, your unfailing cheerfulness coupled with honest feedback, and on and on. I am starting to gradually feel more confident and it’s so satisfying to see that change and learning never stop. I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way! Thank you, thank you!”

Hilary Smith, via Facebook

Clubber since Jan 2018

"For anyone reading this who isn't already a member: if you can join, I highly recommend Art Club. You might think that this-or-that lesson doesn't interest you? I'm betting that you will STILL get something from it that you CAN apply to what you're currently working on! Eni's instructions are clear and while she is talking she shows you also by doing it herself. You can learn just from watching with the sound turned off! And she goes into so much detail that is not only interesting, but informative. I have NEVER regretted signing up and recommend it to everyone I know!

P.S. This recommendation was unsolicited, LOL!"

Tandika Star, via Facebook

Clubber since May 2017

“I always wanted to create beautiful artwork and Eni made that possible. She inspires confidence and creativity that I never knew I had. Each lesson is an eye opener for me. Thanks so much Eni Oken.”

Tara Provost, via Facebook

Clubber since September 2017

"I’m fairly new to the club, and have been slowly working thru your lessons. I have grown considerably as an artist since I joined the club. I have a greater understanding of how to use my tools, (elegant lines) shading, and recently have been breaking out of my artist shell and going with the zen-flow! I enjoy both of the style of lessons, for different reasons. And the live sessions help me feel like I am a part of an amazing group of artists; their willingness to share their work and the questions they ask have also helped to grow. In every way, I am so very thankful for your relaxed, supportive style of teaching! Thank you Eni for all you give and do for us!"

Laurel H. via Facebook

Clubber since November 2019

“I am continuously dazzled not only by your creativity, but also by your gift for teaching. Thank you so much for the gift of Art Club. I wish I would have found you about thirty years ago. My kids asked me what’s on my current RTL list (Reason to Live) and you were my first thought. You are amazing. Thank you."

Janet Siciak via Teachable

Clubber since August 2020

"Eni, I have been a member of art club since the beginning! I have seen some amazing lessons here that have completely altered my perspective on drawing and life! I've always been a huge fan and as I look through the incredible choices of lessons I haven't had time to watch, I get an actual thrill at all the learning I have ahead. Thank you for being my teacher, mentor, and friend! I am a more confident artist and CZT because of your encouragement and support! I highly recommend Eni's Art Club! If you are ready to take your art to the next level, this is the place to be!"

Cyndee Pelley via Teachable

Clubber since June 2017

"Dear Eni, I wanted to thank you for the your wonderful Art Club Membership. I just signed up and have already learned so many things in the first few lessons. The wealth of the materials offered is really amazing for the price you are charging. Thanks again!"

Kathy Wiktor via email

Clubber since August 2020

"If you want to step up your tangling game, join the Art Club and discover ways to enhance your patterns and tiles. As artists we are inclined to devalue ourselves with self-criticism; learn from Eni Oken the importance of self-appreciation in every lesson."

Annie Sargent via email

Clubber since April 2020

“Thank you Eni...! I know, I have SO much to learn and to practice, but I must say , I had NEVER thought, that I would be able to make a piece that I like... It is your work, that make wonders😊. Your lessons, your creativity, technical knowledge and your pedagogical skills are unique.. Thank you so much.....!”

Ele JP, via Facebook

"Thank you for all your amazing lessons, and all the hard work you put into each and class. You truly are one of the best online art instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from. I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful inspiration alive and thriving in the online art world."

Susan Rink Olsen via email 

"Your Art Club is truly unique, as you know. People are hungry to learn Zentangle in the careful, thoughtful, rich, and glorious manner that you teach. People spend a lot of time online, popping in on random YouTube videos, purchasing books, reading websites. But it’s really quite unsatisfying in comparison to working regularly with a teacher who offers a consistent way to learn and grow our artistic abilities....

I want to amplify something you said about your approach and put it in my own words - what you do is about deep learning. You have a gift for pedagogy. I was enjoying the overlapping lesson this evening and what you did with the little squares was simply genius. I think, too, this is also what makes you so unique. We’re not just copying, we are learning how to create. We are learning art theory and lighting and the difference between realistic shading and where we bend the rules through the freedom of Zentangle."

Carolyn Roberts via email 

Still unsure? Read the fine print:


Art Club is an art group and subscription, billed every month where you get access to live online Zoom classes (projects and tangle play) and lesson recordings. During sign up also can also purchase the optional Zentangle Basics bundle at a heavily discounted price if you need to jumpstart your skills. Participate in as many online sessions as you like! You also learn how to improve your art by getting “Caring Critique” through our private discussion group, a safe haven of art and community (hosted on Circle, not FB).


Art Club has two goals: to de-stress through meditative art and to help you explore art and Zentangle. Although heavily leaning towards Zentangle and ZIA, we also explore many other forms of meditative art (echolines, modular patterns, zendalas, continuous line drawing, coloring, doodling, knot drawing, urban sketching, etc).


Not exactly. This is like an ongoing classroom or magazine subscription. You participate in NEW classes starting from the day you sign up, with the advantage that you get to view and replay recordings of the live sessions over and over after they are over. As time goes by, your list of recorded classes grows.


We have live sessions every week through Zoom. We alternate between Project classes, Zentangle Match-Making sessions and Tangle Play sessions. Project classes are more structured and can many times span two consecutive weeks. Zentangle Match-Making is where we learn Zentangle composition, how to combine and choose tangles in Classic Zentangle sessions. "Tangle Play" sessions are more informal sessions of study and practice. Online Sessions are recorded and posted for those who could not attend. Each live session is about 1.5 to 2 hours long. Being the compulsive teacher that I am, you can be SURE that you will get more than your money's worth!


Art Club is hosted on the platform, a website where you get a personalized login with your own account to view the materials. The Online Sessions are held through Zoom app, a live meeting classroom app online.


If you like to pick and choose, then yes, it might be easier to get my lessons individually at my Lesson Shop. However, many of the lessons are exclusive to Art Clubbers and won't be available any time soon for the general public. Additionally, you will miss an important component of learning and growing creatively: the individual feedback and direction of a dedicated teacher.


Yes, you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that once you cancel you lose access to the content marked "Membership" and to the newest class. You will also lose your current price point. Additionally, since this is a digital downloads subscription, there are NO REFUNDS offered unless there was a verifiable mistake, such as a duplicate charge.


If you cancel, you get to keep all the content you accrued into your account. The only exceptions are the content "Membership" and also the newest class. If you purchase any lesson individually, then you get to keep those even if you cancel your subscription.


Classes marked "membership" are yours to watch while your Art Club account is active. Classes you have bought individually or those you have accrued through the club are yours to watch for as long as you like, until the day my school is no longer hosted on Teachable.

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