Illuminated Vines Lesson

Learn to create beautiful meditative vine designs inspired by Illuminated manuscripts, in a technique adapted to modern day art supplies.


Inspired and adapted from century-old manuscripts

• Early Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts

Early Renaissance artists created “Illuminated” drawings in books and manuscripts, so colorful and richly embellished with gold they seemed to emanate their own golden light. Learn how to create this design, not identically, but yet adapted to create a design full of color and joy.

• Beautiful century-old ornament adapted to modern day techniques and art supplies

I observed the style and patterns used in some of these manuscripts, and adapted to a rich, luminous design using modern day art supplies such as markers, colored pencils and golden gel pens. I also added my own touch to the design, such as shading and distress, to create a rich, ancient-looking final picture.

• A complete advanced Illuminated vine design, from beginning to end

Although this is an advanced lesson, you will learn how to create this gorgeous design step by step, starting from the simplest daisy flowers, all the way to creating a rich, intricate final project. I'll show you how to create an adapted version which includes shading and embellishing. You'll be fascinated by the results!

• So much relaxing Zen flow to enjoy

This project will give you tons of opportunities to experience “Zen flow”, that lovely state of relaxation where you can immerse yourself in the drawing and lose all track of time.

• Learn to adapt your own tools and materials to the project

This project uses a variety of different media: colored pencils, brush markers, golden and white gel pens, and more. However, don't worry about having the right materials, I'll show you how you can adapt and use different options.

• So much relaxing Zen flow to enjoy

This project will give you tons of opportunities to experience “Zen flow”, that lovely state of relaxation where you can immerse yourself in the drawing and lose all track of time.

• And so many tips and tricks!

Every lesson is packed with tips that can help you with ALL of your projects and make you a better artist.



The Simple can create the Complex

In this lesson, you'll complete a project that seems at first incredibly complex and impossible, inspired by century-old manuscripts. You'll complete each step gradually and progressively: like the many layers of a delicious cake, it is the sheer amount of repetition and layering that can transform simple elements into a richly decorated drawing. You'll also see how history can inspire us to create beautiful designs which can be adapted to your style and imagination.

Intermediate/Advanced 1-hour 8-minute long video lesson, including an ebook and bonus PDFs

Includes video captions!

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Eni Oken, CZT
Eni Oken, CZT

Hi there! I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for almost 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print, on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and in recent years, the Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art, and teaching it to others so they can grow artistically.

Certified Zentangle Teacher® since 2016

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Learn how to create a stunning piece of art, inspired by Early Renaissance masterpieces


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You get the files and downloadables listed in the Lesson and Files section. These can include downloadable videos, step-outs in PDF format, ebooks or others. Each lesson is different, so check carefully!
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Not exactly. Art Club is an ONGOING subscription where subscribers enjoy content at a very low, discounted price and participate in live sessions. Clubbers also get ongoing feedback from me in a private Facebook group. By getting this bundle, you can enjoy the same content, at the regular, a-la-carte price.
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Student Gallery Pinterest Board

"Wow! I really love this one.... There will be more for sure! Thank you for all your support!"

Carmen Clayton, via email

"This brought me back to middle school when I used to TRY to imitate calligraphy and curly scroll work. It was awful! Now that I am fairly proficient at Italic calligraphy this method of Renaissance scroll work will be a perfect complement. "

Mary Kindred, via email

"I plan to use what I have learned from this lesson and apply along with the fantastic jewelry design tutorials I purchased from your Etsy store. I am well on my way to never run out of ideas again. Those tutorials along with Art Club are my number 1-go to resources. Thank you again Eni."

Lina F. via Facebook

"I'm finally finished the Illuminated Vines Lesson! I did it on a postcard to send.... I loved the video and all the background information as you did the piece, Eni. It was so enjoyable and inspiring. I have had to improvise with materials so I added some colour to the vines as it was looking a little monotone. Awesome lesson Eni. Thank you"

Denise Williams, via Facebook

Eni! So good to get a class from you again. I so enjoyed the detail and intricacies of this lesson. You broke it down very well. The elements get repeated and the many layers become one! I'm very interested in gold leaf so I may do additional gold to my work. I'm taking a illuminated gold leaf class in Verona in the spring. So excited. I will be working on my illuminated vines and thanking you during my Zen Flow! Thank you.

-Nancy Backes via email

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Illuminated Vines Lesson

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