Explore different ways to manipulate the line to produce delicate colored blends with mixed media in this lovely starfish project.

Intermediate 42-minute long video lesson plus bonus PDFs

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Your Instructor: Eni Oken

I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for over 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and in recent years, Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art, and teaching it to others so they can grow artistically.

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Topics covered:

• Manipulate the LINE beyond the Zentangle Method's traditional Stroke and Aura

The Stroke and Aura are essential components of the Zentangle method. In this lesson you'll learn how to really manipulate and go beyond the basics of these two concepts.

• Learn 5 ways to interrupt the LINE

Interrupting the LINE can be a wonderful tool to create gradients, dotted effects and so many different types of embellishments.

• Learn to transform almost any shape into 3D with Echo lines

Echo Lines are cousins to Auras, and can create an interesting sensation of 3D on almost any situation. This lesson shows an introduction to this powerful 3D tool.

• Learn how to create Mooka3D, a tangleation of Mooka

My favorite tangle is Mooka3D, a tangleation of Mooka with applied Echo lines. It can be a tricky but beautiful tangle! In this lesson you'll learn how to draw this gorgeous and dimensional pattern.

• Explore and understand the power of line-weight

Line-weight is that magical ingredient that makes every drawing look more finished and polished. You won't believe your own results!

• Learn how to combine brush markers with colored pencils to create smooth gradients

Use brush markers to create subtle and beautiful color variation and gradients. You can use Copics (alcohol markers) or any other type of brush marker that you have available.

• Work on two different projects, slowly building up your skills

First we'll work on the "Wave" project, to learn how to use the media and create a gorgeously colorful Mooka3D. Next, a complete starfish, using a collection of Mookas.

• And so many tips and tricks!

Every lesson is packed with tips that can help you with ALL of your projects and make you a better artist.


Explore the enormous potential of the LINE

The LINE is the most basic drawing tool, and yet so powerful. Called Stroke in the Zentangle Method, this lesson explores the Line beyond Elemental Strokes and Auras, showing you how to manipulate it to create powerful 3D effects, subtle and lovely color gradations and much more. If you are still using the line simply to draw line-art and outlines, you're not taking advantage of all it has to offer!

Explore mixed media: ink, colored pencils, markers and gel pens

Develop this lovely Starfish drawing, slowly building your skills to create rich color blends

What people said about this lesson...

"Eni's Starfish video lesson was fiilled with new skills. "

-Debra Huff via facebook

"This was lots of fun - I didn't have all supplies so improvised. A great learning experience as I overdid the white coloured pencil, but then successfully added coloured pencil back on top. I have finished my second Starfish tile - thank you so much Eni, I am having so much fun AND my level is improving! "

-Michelle Dugdale via facebook

"I want to say THANK YOU Eni Oken!! I never dreamed I could even come close to producing a drawing like this!!"

-Jenny Sheehan via facebook

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