Purk Extreme Video Lesson

This hour-long video shows you exactly how to draw, shade and decorate Purk tangle in EXTREME 3D. Understand how line-art can make Purk so 3Dimensional and how to create beautifully shaded stripes and decorated ribbons.

Intermediate/advanced 1-hour long video

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  Extreme Purk Lesson
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In this lesson you will:

  • Understand how to construct Purk super dimensionally
  • Understand the power of foreshortening
  • Learn how to shade Purk's pearls
  • Learn how to apply Purk in different kinds of string sections

Wow! Just saw the Purk video! What a wonderful tutorial you created Eni! So clear and so detailed! Explaining your shading techniques and the why things are shadowed the way they are, I'm in awe!

Cheryl Thomas via facebook

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