Learn how to create a dramatic tan tile Zendala inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Zentangle's ZenAgain class.

Intermediate/Advanced 1:30 hour video plus bonus PDFs and supplemental bonus project video

Includes video captions!

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci and Zentangle's ZenAgain class

Your Instructor: Eni Oken

I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for over 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and in recent years, Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art, and teaching it to others so they can grow artistically.

CZT® since 2016

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A stunning Renaissance Style Zendala

Learn Quandary (Flower of Life) and also complex shading over Renaissance Tan paper

Topics covered :

• Learn how to set a symmetric Zendala layout

• Learn how to create a Zentangle-Inspired design using imaginary Da Vinci gadgets

• Learn how to treat and shade Renaissance brown and black line-art with colored pencils

• So many tips and tricks!

This is by far my favorite lesson! I have learned so much and it was a pleasure to work on my favorite tan zenadala. Half way through the lesson , I realized I just didn’t care if I was perfect and from then on things just flowed. So many different mediums and techniques, Inwill be working on this several more times.

Kathleen Wiktor via Teachable

Thank you Eni for yet another extraordinary class. I enjoyed it so very much. I've been in the Art Club almost a year and I'm still amazed how you break down the techniques so that we all come out of your class with a beautiful tile. and a load of knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Mari-Jose Alcala via Teachable

Loved this lesson. Learning about your layering techniques was very interesting and useful! Love the antique look!

June Stevens via Teachable

You won't believe that you could draw intricate pieces such as these!

Supplemental video with an extra project for you:

You won’t believe you could create pictures like these!