Mooka3D and Dingbatz Video Lesson

Learn how to create 3-dimensional Mooka tendrils to form gorgeous and intricately decorated brooch-like dingbatz

50-minute intermediate video lesson 

Dingbatz (with a Z) is a wonderful concept introduced by Zentangle founders Maria and Rick, inspired by traditional printer's ornaments: a small, self contained ornamental design. (You can find Maria and Rick's original video here. )

• How to draw Mooka3D, including single and double

• Two Dingbatz projects

• Learn to shade Dingbatz and add extra details

I haven't attacked Dingbatz just yet but am pleased to report that thanks to Eni's video, I'm beginning to get over my feer of Mooka.

Debbie Moss Colton via facebook

Dingbatz are so fun. These are the first ones I've tried and they are so addictive. Thank you Eni, your video lesson on 3D Mooka and Dingbatz is fabulous.

Debra Huff via facebook

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