Learn how to use XLnt and Crestfallen tangles over a self-overlapping string, with an embedded letters and deep shadows.

1:49-hour intermediate video lesson.

Includes video captions!

Your Instructor: Eni Oken

I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for over 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and in recent years, Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art, and teaching it to others so they can grow artistically.

CZT® since 2016

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Topics covered :

  • Overview of tangles
  • Overview of materials
  • Self-overlapping string
  • Rule of thirds
  • Strong diagonals
  • Creating the string
  • Embedded letter
  • Shading the letter
  • XLnt tangle practice
  • XLnt tangling on string
  • Edgework
  • Detached shadows
  • XLnt shading
  • Crestfallen tangle
  • Shading Crestfallen
  • Hatched stripes
  • Black gems

Materials and supplies:

• Tan Zentangle tile (or other 3.5 to 4 inch square tan paper). 

• A square piece of scrap card paper the same size as your tile. 

• A pair of small scissors. 

• Black thick inking pen (I use Tombow Mono inking pen 03 or Micron PN)

• Red inking pen (I use Micron 01)

• Gold pen (I use gold Pen-Touch or gold Gelly roll)

• Blue marker (any brand, even cheap kid's markers. Turquoise or royal, but not too dark!)

• Regular colored pencils: yellow, ochre, dark brown (burnt umber), black, red and dark blue. (I like mostly Faber Castell Polychromos, except the yellow is better in Prismacolor). 

• White Prismacolor colored pencil

• White Gel pen

• Colored pencil sharpener

• If you have it, yellow moonlight gel pen. Optional.

• Journal or practice paper

• Regular pencil

"So excited to have my pattern XLnt featured along with Antonine Koval's beautiful Crestfallen pattern. I have been loving all of the tiles I’ve seen posted so far. Such a fun class. Thank you Eni. I’ve said it a million times, but it’s worth repeating, you were born to teach" - Jody Genovese via Facebook

"I had a wonderful time in yesterday's workshop!" - Beth Peters via facebook

" Eni, I don’t know how you do it, but you keep entertaining us with excellent, challenging and inspiring lessons! Thank you!" - Ilonka via facebook

"My goodness, Eni! Your creative brain astounds me! Thank you ever so much for another FABULOUS class! I enjoyed it immensely, as always. - Holly Atwater via facebook

"Thank you, Eni Oken for a great class!" - Antonine Koval via facebook