XLnt Tangling Video Lesson

Learn how to use XLnt and Crestfallen tangles over a self-overlapping string, with an embedded letters and deep shadows.

1:49-hour intermediate video lesson.

Not available for individual purchase at this time. Come back later!

Topics covered :

  • Overview of tangles
  • Overview of materials
  • Self-overlapping string
  • Rule of thirds
  • Strong diagonals
  • Creating the string
  • Embedded letter
  • Shading the letter
  • XLnt tangle practice
  • XLnt tangling on string
  • Edgework
  • Detached shadows
  • XLnt shading
  • Crestfallen tangle
  • Shading Crestfallen
  • Hatched stripes
  • Black gems

Materials and supplies:

• Tan Zentangle tile (or other 3.5 to 4 inch square tan paper). 

• A square piece of scrap card paper the same size as your tile. 

• A pair of small scissors. 

• Black thick inking pen (I use Tombow Mono inking pen 03 or Micron PN)

• Red inking pen (I use Micron 01)

• Gold pen (I use gold Pen-Touch or gold Gelly roll)

• Blue marker (any brand, even cheap kid's markers. Turquoise or royal, but not too dark!)

• Regular colored pencils: yellow, ochre, dark brown (burnt umber), black, red and dark blue. (I like mostly Faber Castell Polychromos, except the yellow is better in Prismacolor). 

• White Prismacolor colored pencil

• White Gel pen

• Colored pencil sharpener

• If you have it, yellow moonlight gel pen. Optional.

• Journal or practice paper

• Regular pencil

"So excited to have my pattern XLnt featured along with Antonine Koval's beautiful Crestfallen pattern. I have been loving all of the tiles I’ve seen posted so far. Such a fun class. Thank you Eni. I’ve said it a million times, but it’s worth repeating, you were born to teach" - Jody Genovese via Facebook

"I had a wonderful time in yesterday's workshop!" - Beth Peters via facebook

" Eni, I don’t know how you do it, but you keep entertaining us with excellent, challenging and inspiring lessons! Thank you!" - Ilonka via facebook

"My goodness, Eni! Your creative brain astounds me! Thank you ever so much for another FABULOUS class! I enjoyed it immensely, as always. - Holly Atwater via facebook

"Thank you, Eni Oken for a great class!" - Antonine Koval via facebook

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