Fragmented Windows Lesson

Start to explore the power of fragments and pattern repetition with this super dramatic and fun-to-create 3D frame. Learn how to create super dramatic shadows!


Explore fragments and deep shadows with this beautiful project

• Understand fragments

Fragments is Zentangle's name for basic repeating units which can be mirrored or rotated to form endless pattern motifs. In this lesson you'll start to learn how to use this powerful tool.

• Learn to explore fragments to form different patterns

All repeating patterns contain a basic repeating unit. Understand how fragments can be moved, rotated and mirrored to form a greater "meta-pattern" to create a huge variety of options within the same design.

• Create a 3D Window framework to add your fragments

A Reticulum (plural is Reticula) is a framework used to fit fragments. Learn how to create a versatile 3-dimensional window reticulum to form a super fun and flexible framework to fit your pattern fragments.

• Learn how to select the best fragments for greater variety

Learn how to select fragments based on shape, design and contrast, to form an intricate tapestry of pieces. Although it looks complex, this design is easy enough for an intermediate artist to complete.

• Create a project from beginning to end, including super dramatic shading

This lesson not only shows you how to understand fragments, but also takes you step by step through this amazingly dimensional project. Understand how shadows can transform a reticulum of fragments into a dramatic piece.

• And so many tips and tricks!

Every lesson is packed with tips that can help you with ALL of your projects and make you a better artist.



Understanding the power of the basic unit

The Zentangle method (and other meditative arts) rely heavily on repetitive pattern drawing to create beautiful designs, and produce Zen flow. Understanding the power behind the simply basic unit of each pattern (fragment) is fundamental for you to grow as a meditative artist and tangler. Repetition alone is not enough, in this lesson you'll learn how rotating and mirroring the basic unit can produce an incredibly variety of designs.

Intermediate 50-minute video lesson and bonus PDFs

Includes video captions!

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Eni Oken, CZT
Eni Oken, CZT

Hi there! I'm Eni Oken, artist since the age of 8, art instructor and teacher for almost 30 years, author of hundreds of articles, tutorials, video lessons and ebooks online and books in print, on various different subjects such as fantasy design, jewelry making and in recent years, the Zentangle method. My true passion is exploring methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable in art, and teaching it to others so they can grow artistically.

Certified Zentangle Teacher® since 2016

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Create this incredible 3-dimensional design with fragments and dramatic shadows


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Learn to draw and shade this project from beginning to end


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You will LOVE the 3D results! An intermediate lesson for those ready to start exploring fragments


"Dear Eni, thanks a lot for a great tutorial on fragments. I enjoyed it tremendously and will try all your tips and tricks."

Eveline from The Nederlands, via email

"In love with your lesson Eni! Fragments"

Carla Jooren via Facebook

"So much to learn on this one. When you finally get the depth it is a little startling. I was putting in the the dark shadow and holding it up and adding more black and suddenly it was there and I could see it. I love being surprised when it works. It's so cool when you learn a new technique."

Sandra Mitchell via Facebook

"I honestly didnt know what to expect from the lesson "Fragmented Windows". I am floored! I have been struggling with shading since the beginning of my tangle journey. Your lesson has helped me to see greater possibilities for making my work more dramatic and 3D. In addition to that, I have not had much imagination as far as tangling goes. I have only been learning and making tangles in their step out form with not much interesting shapes. I am excited to get started making windows. I hope I don't make it symmetrical (a plague to my mind). I thought the price of this lesson was high, I was wrong. I got far more than I expected and it was worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your wisdom or art with the world!"

-Keramira Glock via email

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Fragmented Windows Lesson

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