Help About How to change your Profile on the Teachable platform

The Teachable platform has two types of accounts:

1) Simple email account: this means you registered only to my teachable website at . If you need to make changes, then you can do it yourself after signing in, or you can ask me to help you with it.

2) “My Teachable”: this means that at some point you chose to have an account that is connected to ALL of Teachable, including other schools, not only my own. Because of that, I cannot change your information, you must do it yourself.

If you have a My Teachable account, this is how you can change the information yourself:

Step 1: Log into my school using your “My Teachable” account

Visit the login page for my Teachable school. When signing in, use the option “Log in with My Teachable”.

Step 2: Locate the “Edit Profile” option

On the upper right hand corner, you will see an avatar. Under that menu, choose Edit Profile.

Step 3: Edit your Profile

Click on Edit Profile on the next screen, and you will be able to change your name, email and password.

This ONLY works if you have a My Teachable account.

How do I find out if I have a simple account or a My Teachable account?

At some point you must have chosen to create a “My Teachable” account, which allows you to connect all the schools you have enrollments in. If you are not sure, then contact me and I can see if your account is simple or “My Teachable”.