Help About Copyrights: Eni Oken's Do's and Don'ts

Take a moment to read this document, for it describes how you can and cannot use the information you learn through Eni Oken's lessons. (Keep in mind this is a very summarized version to make it easier for you, please read the COMPLETE TERMS OF USE HERE)

Rights and Restrictions are not always the same everywhere

It is important to understand that these "Do's and Donts'" are my own and can be different than other artists and art teachers. If you plan to use art for teaching or selling commercial products, then it is FUNDAMENTAL that you understand the different types of rights.

Here is an EXAMPLE of how two different companies might grant different rights:

Through my terms, I allow you to teach anything you like in a live setting, but not electronically (videos, ebooks, streaming, zoom, live facebook, etc). You do not need any additional certification to teach my techniques in a live class, but you must use your own materials or purchase a copy for each student. Additionally, any commercial products you sell must be substantially different than my own designs.

Zentangle founders on the other hand, allow teaching and writing about anything they teach, but will not allow the use of the word "Zentangle" in product titles other than books, not even videos. Additionally, you need to be certified to teach their method.

So you see how two different companies will grant different rights and restrictions.

These rights and restrictions are valid even if you plan to teach or distribute goods for free.

ALWAYS CHECK THE COPYRIGHTS, and if in doubt, contact me to get permission in writing to use my material and lessons.

Ok, so here it is:


The word "Lessons" refers to any ebook, tutorial or educational product sold through Eni's websites.

The word "Techniques" refers to a technique or method taught in any of Eni's ebooks, lessons, articles or tutorials. 

The word "Designs" refers to designs and artwork that is unique and original, found in the Lessons or on this website. 

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. "Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

Some of the Lessons may refer and teach the Zentangle Method. Eni Oken is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, authorized to teach and write about the Zentangle Method.



What you CAN do:

  • You CAN download and store one copy of each Lesson on your computer.
  • You CAN download and store one copy of each Lesson on your mobile or tablet device.
  • You CAN print one copy of each Lesson exclusively for your own personal use.
  • You CAN reproduce Designs found in the Lessons for study and learning purposes only.
  • You CAN use these Lessons to learn new Techniques and create new original Designs of your own, substantially different from Eni's own Designs.
  • You CAN teach the information that you learned in the Lessons in a LIVE class, in person (not online), with your own materials, and giving appropriate credit to Eni Oken.
  • You CAN use your own Designs, substantially different than my own Designs, to create non-educational commercial products for sale.

What you MUST do:

  • You MUST remember that others may have used in the past or will use these Lessons and Techniques in the future.
  • You MUST remember that you are entirely responsible for any material you produce or any liability that might arise from your improper use of these Designs and Techniques.
  • You MUST hold Eni Oken and her company harmless for any and all activity related to the Lessons, Designs or Techniques. They are provided “as is” with no implied warranties.
  • You MUST read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies found in this document here.
  • You MUST always include or give appropriate credits visibly: “Learned from Eni Oken at" or substantially equivalent language.

What you CANNOT do:

  • You CANNOT duplicate, lend, email, mass print, display, distribute, republish, license, transfer, or use any of these Lessons, Designs and Content or Third Party Content found here for any other purpose that is not well defined here without written permission from Eni Oken or the respective copyright owners.
  • You CANNOT re-engineer, modify, or create derivative work from the Lessons or Designs found on this Website, unless EXPRESSLY agreed in writing by Eni Oken.
  • You CANNOT remove or obscure any intellectual property notices.
  • You CANNOT hold yourself as owner or creator of Content that is not yours.
  • You CANNOT use the Designs found in the Lessons or on this Website for any use without EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT.
  • You CANNOT use Designs which you have reproduced with the help of the Lessons, for commercial purposes.
  • You CANNOT use Designs derived from the Lessons for commercial purposes unless they are substantially different than my own.
  • You CANNOT TEACH electronically or online, that is, create tutorials, ebooks, articles, posts, videos, zoom, live facebook, etc., based on these Lessons or Techniques without strict written authorization from Eni Oken Designs, Inc, even if you have recreated the text and images.



Yes, you can teach my techniques in a live class, as long as you:

  1. The classes must be LIVE and IN PERSON, not electronic in any way, taught by you and no other, no live streaming, photos, or NO other form of electronic transfer or recording allowed, including skype, facetime, zoom, live instagram, live facebook, or other type of distance learning.
  2. If you want to give hand-outs during the class, you must create them yourself from scratch, using your own designs, OR purchase one copy of Eni's lesson per student (teacher discounts can be granted upon request). 
  3. You must give Eni Oken visible and appropriate credit, such as "Learned from Eni Oken, you can find more at".